Food has undergone a massive mutation, literally, and it's attacking the world! To neutralise them, you must throw tags at them! Watch out for the waves of food coming to get you, and beware of the little time you have to fight them!

    Food Fight! is a jam game created in 7 days for the 5th PB Game Jam around the theme of "Tag". It was really hard, but it taught us many things. For some of us, it even was our first 3D game! If you encounter a bug or a problem, tell us in the comments! We really hope you will like our game.

Note from LootGodamn : we couldn't implement all the 3d models and effects we intended to because of the time frame. Anyhow, it was a fun experience!


  • Game design: Geek_Joystick, Lord Yamoshi, LootGodamn
  • Programming: Lord Yamoshi, Geek_Joystick
  • 3D Modelling: LootGodamn, Geek_Joystick
  • Composing: Nameless (yes, that's his pseudo)
  • UI Design: Geek_Joystick, Lord Yamoshi
  • SFX Design: Nameless


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Food Fight! (Windows x32) 26 MB
Food Fight! (Windows x64) 29 MB
Food Fight (Linux) 31 MB
Food Fight! (Mac OS) 29 MB


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Yesterday I played the browser version and I had problems with the camera control. However, today I played the downloadable version and it went pretty well. I liked the experience, it's a fun game to play :)

It is a nice game ! The sound design is very good, the gameplay (and the gameplay loop) is addictive (long shoots are so satisfying). The only "problem" I encountered was the graphics of the map (not adapted and flat), but that is a first 3D jam game so 100% understandable.
Overall, it was 20 fun minutes for me, great job guys !

nop bad the theme of the music along with the visuald go good together and scream retro, how ever there is a few features that could be added to it , 1) an options menu or atleast a sound down or off button its kind of load and some of the color in the display gets bright was not able to play it long due to these issues but over all not a bad build.